Gallery Services

Art Consultancy

If you are decorating or developing, privately or commercially, and want advice on suitable works of art, please contact us for advice, picture selection or artist selection. Items may come from our stock, may be commissioned from our artists or sourced on the open market.

Picture Search

We offer a picture search service for a modest commission fee. We will gladly search for an image, historical or contemporary graphic or photographic from the huge range of resources we are constantly looking up or being referred to. We keep a large record and can usually find what you are looking for and can supply or reproduce as appropriate.

“Just a note to say my parents were over the moon with the picture and in their words it really made the day very special for them because of the subject and also because it was from all the family. Many thanks for arranging the picture for us because I am quite certain that I would not have found a subject of the same quality.” (Text of email from a client.)

Picture Hanging

Hanging pictures takes time and patience and a certain amount of experience. If you feel that it is not something you fancy doing we are happy to help you as long as you have purchased the item (s) in question from us. Please feel able to ask us to help


Many of the artists featured will happily undertake commissions but these can only be arranged through Sea Pictures Gallery. Please bear in mind that you may have to wait for your work to be started depending on what other commitments the artist may have. Although our artists are marine painters, several of them are also accomplished portrait painters for example. Please feel able to discuss even the vaguest of ideas with us as we do know a lot of artists and if we can find a solution for you, we will be delighted to help.

Picture Framing & Restoration

We are regularly consulted by clients who have existing art works that need some TLC. Foxing is a common problem; the dirt of ages past another one.

We work with highly qualified specialist paper conservators and oil painting restorers. We are happy to refer your work to them for advice and if appropriate, a costing. Please be aware that such restoration is not a simple matter and it may take weeks before your work is returned to us.

Another common query is framing repair and/or replacement. Framing tastes change and yet rather than discard a painting that appears unfashionable, re-presenting the work can bring it back to life.

For pieces that are sold un-framed or if a change of frame is required, we can offer assistance through our sister company SUFFOLK FRAMING.