Bryan Rowland

Rowland B 3 The Naze from Dovercourt

The Naze from Dovercourt

38 x 32.5cms
£370.00 not including shipping

Bryan trained at Colchester School of Art and has been working as an artist for the last fifty years. His work can be found in the USA, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Australia and in many places in England. He has done several demonstrations over the years and has also been involved with projects taking art into primary schools. He has built up a reputation for his work on murals, notably Rollerworld in Colchester which was featured on tv. He has completed murals for Harwich International Port and worked with local children to produce a mural on a large wall in Harwich. His most recent exhibition was in Bamburg, Germany. His work has been featured in Essex Countryside Magazine and recently his work was selected for the Essex Open.