Bryan Whiteley

Whiteley B 2 Aldeburgh Fishing Boat.

Aldeburgh Fishing Boat

Limited Edition Print 1/6
47 x 54cms
£175.00 not including shipping

Whiteley B 3 Mount Taranaki

Mount Taranaki

Limited Edition Print 5/10
54 x 38cms
£140.00 not including shipping

Bryan Whiteley trained in the early 1960’s at Camberwell School of Art as a painter and printmaker. Early influences were Cezanne and Georges Braque. His working life has been spent as a teacher of art and as Head of Expressive Arts and Art Design. He is member of the Gainsborough House Print Workshop Committee, Chairman of the Colchester Art Society and a member of 12PM. Over the last 10 years Bryan has concentrated on printmaking, exploring surface pattern, mark making, texture and colour, using lino, woodcuts and collographs in small limited editions.

He has exhibited widely across the UK, most notably in East Anglia, and also in France.