Debbie Ayles

Ayles D 1 Memories of Waterwalk Flatford

Memories of Waterwalk, Flatford

70 x 60cms
£950.00 not including shipping

Ayles D 2 Waterwalks Flatford 1 and 2

Waterwalk, Flatford I & II

60 x 60cms
£950.00 not including shipping

Debbie’s paintings explore effects of chance patterns of light that appear on city and vernacular architecture, those momentary glimpses of shapes that occur as reflections or shadows on structures creating a fascinating disturbance to the surface. She uses her drawings of glass, concrete, wooden or metal architecture to create energetic and yet simplified paintings of cityscapes, the parallel and metaphor of solid structures converted into more fragile ephemeral entities through the medium of water-based paints. The forms she discovers within these drawings create a unique view of a subject.

Using watercolour and acrylic washes, poured and spattered paint she develops the background of each painting to suit the image that joins with it on the final layer. The behaviour of paint, colour and support as these materials meld in that instant of painting, enable the work to create an individual statement of its own. The abstract painterly background is then reined in by my careful painting of the structural ‘drawing’, transposed with varying densities of paint to create a new construction assembled from geometric and organic shapes. The final composition recalls the original fleeting experience.

The calm ghostliness of the structure and the maelstrom and power of the colour blend the concept of abstract and realism. Often quoted but none the less significant, Paul Klee’s statement ‘Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see’ motivates her to draw the attention of a viewer through painting to what is there but often unnoticed and quite beautiful.

Debbie’s work has won much praise and she has contributed to numerous publications, most recently the LA Times with ‘Greenacres’ and ‘Desmond Barn’ illustrating an article. She has won awards in Art Meets Science, the Daily Telegraph/Novartis ‘Vision of Science’ Photographic Awards and the ‘sciart Research and Development’ award ‘Aversion to Contemporary Art’ The Wellcome Trust in collaboration with Prof. Arnold Wilkins.

Her work is regularly on display across East Anglia and in many London venues too.