Elaine Coppen

Coppen E 2 Sea World

Sea World

55 x 40cms
£250.00 not including shipping

I enrolled at Colchester Institute and completed the EARAC Design Crafts Diploma Course in Applied Arts in 1991. The course enabled me to study the use of various art materials and printmaking skills such as linocut, screenprinting and etching.I was a founder member at Cuckoo Farm Studios when it was being set up and together with Maxine Fitter and Jean Woods we started up the printworkshop and were the first people to run the workshop. We persuaded Michael Rothenstein to officially open Cuckoo Farm Studios in 1993. I also ran a life class at Cuckoo Farm and Wilson Marriage Adult Education Centre.

I had a one woman show at the Digby Gallery at Colchester Mercury Theatre in 1995 and then joined Gainsborough’s House Printworkshop at Sudbury and was an exhibiting member for a number of years. I also had an independent exhibition at The Quay Theatre, Sudbury in 1998. I gained a BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree from the Norwich School of Art and an MA in Art Design and the Book at the Cochester Institute.

I like to explore the countryside and coast around Colchester and this has been the inspiration for my work. I am a member of the Tuesday Group who regularly meet in the summer at various venues in the area to draw and paint. Dereliction is my favourite subject closely followed by life drawing. Drawing has always been central to my artistic practice. I enjoy the process of developing drawings into prints, namely etchings, collographs or monoprints. The process of making plates can be time consuming but unexpected surprises can happen to change the basic image when it has undergone all the processes of making and printing plates.