J Hugh L Beattie

Beattie H 1 Centre of the Grand Canal

Centre of the Grand Canal

Framed Oil
14 x 8 inches
£840.00 not including shipping

Hugh Beattie is a traditional oil painter specialising in portraits, architectural landscapes and a wide range of figurative work. Hugh works on exhibition projects and on commission. His last solo show was in December 2015 called London Ancient & Modern.

Since 2007, Hugh has kept a studio just off the King’s Road. Travelling globally on painting tours to Bosnia, Rome, Penang and Helmand, Hugh has produced many prize winning works for the British Army. In between commissions, he also focuses on diverse subjects that interest him.

Hugh paints portrait work continuously, his portrait commissions have included historical figures, royalty and family portraits. Furthermore, Hugh is promoting, and is a member of the Traditional English