Kate Batchelor

Kate Batchelor is based on the Suffolk coast and was originally trained as a wildlife artist. A keen sailor and kayak enthusiast, she is often to be found on water with her pens, pencils and paints. In 2016 Kate undertook a "Sketch A Day" challenge on Facebook. For 2017 she is doing a painting a week!!

Waiting for the Herring

Waiting for the Herring

Framed Limited Edition Linocut Print 7/150
48.5 x 48.5cms
£110.00 not including shipping

Returning Home

Returning Home

Limited Edition Linocut Print
Framed 7/19 – 45 x 45cms
£120.00 not including shipping

Unframed 8/19 – 15 x 15cms
£95.00 not including shipping


Surge Wave

Unframed Limited Edition Woodcut 50/100
28.5 x 13.5cms
£60.00 not including shipping


Summer Swallows

Unframed Limited Edition Linocut Print 2/50
42 x 31cms
£70.00 not including shipping


Soaring Swifts

Unframed Limited Edition Linocut Print 4/50
36.5 x 35.5cms
£70.00 not including shipping



Oil on Canvas
60 x 90cms
£695.00 not including shipping


Southwold from the Dune

Oil on Canvas
50 x 50cms
£495.00 not including shipping

Kate terns

Little Terns Riding The Wave Crest

Acrylic on Board
80 x 40cms
£600.00 not including shipping

Kate Geese

Barnacle Geese Rising Over The North Sea

70 x 50cms
Oil on Board
£700.00 not including shipping

Kate plovers

Ringed Plovers On The Water’s Edge

Oil on Board
45 x 25cms
£350.00  not including shipping

Kate gull

Skimming The Wave

Acrylic on Canvas
46 x 61cms
£590.00  not including shipping

Kate Batchelor portrait
Kate Batchelor trained as a Wildlife Illustrator at Dyfed College of Art, Carmarthen, South West Wales and worked as a freelance illustrator for many years, for clients such as English Nature, BT., Medici Society, Sanyo, Anglian Water, various District and County Councils, Wildlife Trust and various national magazines.

Eventually she was seduced by the lure of painting and she has found that painting in acrylics and oils have provided her with a pathway to express the beauty of the coast.

Currently her work is based mostly on boats and in particular the more traditionally built fishing boats, although wildlife still appears in her paintings. She comes from both a fishing and farming background, so painting the subjects she paints gives her a strong connection to her past. The boats are as timeless as fishing, using the same traditional methods with the aid of a few new additions to their kit.

In her pictures you will often see Gulls. As a child her father would get her to look up to the sky and show her the beauty of them flying overhead, the ease in which they flew seemingly so effortlessly – they are an intrinsic part of coastal life for Kate.

Kate is based in Suffolk. Her work can be found in collections in the U.K., Singapore, Australia, Ireland and Canada.