Pauline Fletcher

Fletcher P 1 Laying Up (Harwich-Yachts under winter covers)

Laying Up

Mixed Media
65 x 50cms
£250.00 not including shipping

Wherever I have lived, I have always joined whatever Art Groups were available. After a brief period at Thanet School of Art, I moved to work in London. Sadly not in an art related job but I was able to join an evening group in Holborn. Later when I lived in New York I joined the Art Students League which was also a great place for buying at a reduced rate, all the materials one needed.

For five years work took me to Bermuda. There, the brilliant colours always seemed so challenging, however, I was able to paint from time to time with some of the local ladies in exotic gardens and splendid ocean view homes. We had exhibitions in Hamilton.

On returning to the UK, I was engaged in work which involved a great deal of travelling, mainly in Europe. Unfortunately, time rarely allowed for painting, occasionally for a bit of sketching.

After moving to Colchester, I was able to obtain a degree in History of Art at Essex University. At that time there were many excellent lecturers on the staff whose work continues to be highly regarded – Professor Thomas Puttfarken, Professor Peter Vergo, Professor Jules Lubbock, Professor Dawn Ades.

I joined the Colchester Art Society by recommendation from Sue Long.I began organising visits for the Society in 2005 and in 2008 took on the role of Honorary Secretary.

I have been studying painting with Belinda King for several years. Apart from exhibiting with CAS, I have exhibited in Bermuda City Gallery, Margate Library, Assington Group Show, Norwich Assembly House and with the Tuesday Group at various venues.

Most of my work is the outcome of trying to capture memories and evocative moments. The journey continues …