Ann Lewis RCA

Ann Lewis is a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy and joined the gallery for PRINTWORKS VIII. Her work was very well received and we went to see her in her North Wales studio last autumn to collect more of her work. Ann is a reduction linocut printmaker so her editions are quite small making her work all the more appealing.


Unframed Limited Edition Reduction Print 10/30
44 x 55cms
£250.00 not including shipping

Terns over Malltraeth

Limited Edition Reduction Print
Framed 13/20 –
£280.00 not including shipping

Kittiwakes Soaring

Limited Edition Reduction Print
Framed – 14/20 –
£250.00 not including shipping
Unframed – 9/20 – 36 x 36cms
£190.00 not including shipping

New Day Presipe

Limited Edition Reduction Print 8/21
Unframed – 6/20 – 39.5 x 31cms
£300.00 not including shipping

Chilly Ringed Plovers

Unframed – 13/15 – 35 x 26cms
£90.00 not including shipping

Storm Approaching Birling Gap

Limited Edition Reduction Print
Framed – 13/17 –
£200.00 not including shipping
Unframed – 12/17 – 37 x 27cms
£155.00 not including shipping


Old Red Rocks at Water’s Edge

Limited Edition Reduction Print
Unframed 10/20 – 55x50cms
£320.00 not including shipping


Return to Presipe

Limited Edition Reduction Print
Unframed 14/20 – 58x50cms
£300.00 not including shipping

Leaves, moss and a small hidden waterfall

Limited Edition Reduction Print
Framed 6/35 – 47 x 59cms
£250.00 not including shipping

Pale Aquilegia

Unframed 8 Colour Reduction Linocut Print 6/12
30.5 x 34cms
£65.00 not including shipping

Born in St. Asaph, Flintshire, Ann studied at the Art College in Bangor and then at Exeter College of Art and Design. After graduating in Graphic Design at Exeter in 1988, Ann returned to Wales, initially working as a freelance designer and illustrator.

A gradual evolution from graphic design to fine art began in 1993 when Ann was elected a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy. 
Since March 2009, Ann has worked full time as a printmaker, specialising in the reduction method of linocutting. She produces small editions of original prints in her studio overlooking the Ogwen Valley in North Wales.

Ann’s work is inspired largely by the Welsh landscape, its mountains, rivers, waterfalls and coastline. Ann is a Member of the Royal Cambrian Academy.

Ann has work in the National Library of Wales’ collection (February 2010), the Government‘s Art Collection (March 2012) and the Grosvenor Museum, Chester Permanent Collection (March 2017)

“My work is uncomplicated. My aim is to allow the audience to be immersed in my particular interpretation of the Welsh landscape, whether it be a small stream, a waterfall, the loneliness of a beach in winter, or the majestic solitude of a mountain. By capturing the light, weather, and seasons in layers of colour and tone, I strive to build a sense of place which generates a feeling of hiraeth in the viewer”. ‘Hiraeth’ is a Welsh word which describes the sense of being part of a place and that place being a part of you. It’s a unique mix of longing, a calling, a yearning for which there is no direct English translation.