Anne Marie Jacobs

Anne Marie Jacobs is a member of the Anglian Potters and joined the gallery for the first time earlier in the year. She returns with new work for this year's festive exhibition - I Saw Three Ships.

Tidal Stacks

Stacking Ceramic Sections with lid, which can be re-arranged
26-23cms tall depending on grouping
£250.00 each, not including shipping

Lagoon Pod

Ceramic Sculpture suitable for wall mounting
Large – £85.00 not including shipping

Lagoon Pods

Ceramic Sculptures
Medium – £75.00 each, not including shipping
Small – £65.00 each, not including shipping

Sweetie Box

Large ceramic container with lid in cobalt blue
27cms diametre
£160.00 not including shipping

Jacobs’ work is caused by her fascination with the landscape around her home on Mersea island which sits in the mouths of the Blackwater and the Colne. Up river and surrounding the island is the extraordinary Essex salt marsh, often overlooked in the county famous for its big skies. This wilderness on her doorstep is threatened by rising sea levels as the marsh struggles to grow fast enough to keep up. The marshland, with the habitats it offers and the biodiversity it encourages, is under threat from climate change, sea level rise and extreme weather events but it also offers our land and homes the best protection from these threats as governments struggle to afford to maintain other types of sea defence. The contrasting feelings of strength and fragility, wildness and restriction are, for Jacobs, always present in the landscape and with this work she wants to add to those things a sense of preciousness and balance which come from the human experience of the marshland.

Jacobs’ slip cast white earthenware ceramics are unapologetically decorative, their colours and forms and their hand finished surface reliefs are drawn from the beautiful colours and forms of the marsh and the flora which hold the land against the elements.