Douglas Page

Douglas Page is painter and jazz musician who has a unique style of painting be it in watercolour or oil. His pictures are often humorous, a side-ways look at the scene. His originality and use of colour makes him a very popular artist.

Race to the Wreck

Framed Painting in Watercolour
92 x 72cms
£850.00 not including shipping

Doug’s Limited Edition Giclee Prints are not stocked by the gallery but are available to order


The Silver Stour

Unframed Limited Edition Giclee Print 6/100
68 x 42cms
£95.00 not including shipping

Bunkers Away

Unframed Limited Edition Giclee Print 18/100
65 x 57cms
£95.00 not including shipping


The Buoys Are Back In Town

Unframed Open Edition Giclee Print
45 x 41cms
£65.00 not including shipping


Wrabness Dream

Unframed Limited Edition Giclee Print 17/100
51 x 64cms
£105.00 not including shipping


Red Beach

Unframed Limited Edition Giclee Print 13/100
49.5 x 51cms
£95.00 not including shipping

wp Living on the Edge

Summer On The Edge

Unframed Limited Edition Giclee Print 23/50
93 x 78cms
£195.00 not including shipping

wp 24_7


Unframed Open Edition Giclee Print
44 x 40cms
£65.00 not including shipping

wp Portrait

Doug began painting as a child, inspired by his grandfather who painted watercolour using a hardpan box. Living close to the river Stour in Essex provides ample subject matter both marine and landscape.

Doug studied privately with Penny Linton during the early nineties where he began to develop his loose approach to watercolour painting and ideas on narrative themes. He also creates complex collages in watercolour which take between 4-6 weeks to make. His work always tells a story, sometimes a very humorous one and he has quite a devoted following.

Doug’s other passion in life is jazz music – a common theme it appears with artists and gallery owners alike! Doug is happy to undertake commissions – please contact the gallery in the first instance.