English School

This page contains a selection of paintings, some framed, others not. They are paintings demonstrating good composition and skill, some by known artists, others not.


The Boatyard at Abersoch

Framed Painting in Watercolour by Fred W Payne
32.5 x 47cms
£400.00 not including shipping

Painting in Watercolour. The Boatyard by David Ettridge

The Boatyard

Unframed Painting in Watercolour by David Ettridge
69 x 54cms
£180.00 not including shipping

The Timber Yard

The Timber Yard, Maldon

Framed Painting in Watercolour by Aileen Mary Elliott RSMA
£300.00 not including shipping


Mending The Nets

Framed Watercolour heightened in white
23 x 33cms
SOLD not including shipping


The Oyster Boat

Unframed watercolour circa 1889
31 x 19cms