Sioni Rhys Handweavers

Sioni Rhys Handweavers is based in the hills of Wales. It is a very artisanal product, made by hand, washed by hand and finished by hand. Pure new wool, sometimes some mohair too, the pieces are warm and incredibly hard wearing. Each piece is a one-off - there are never two the same - so you are buying an original piece of art!

Carthen Llanofer Skirrid

Hand-woven Welsh wool blanket – red with a silver band
£165.00 not including shipping

Fashion Wrap

Hand-woven wool, sik and cashmere shawl
£140.00 not including shipping

Carthen Autumn Tones

Hand-woven Welsh wool blanket 1/1
£185.00 not including shipping

Travel Rug Houndstooth, Black, White & Red

Hand-woven Welsh wool rug 1/1
£100.00 not including shipping

Sioni Rhys Handweavers is a true craft business run by Stuart and Dennis in the hills of Wales. Dennis selects the colours and sources the wools and Stuart weaves. Stuart is one of 12 registered weavers in the UK to produce an open weft design which is used predominantly in his fashion wrap pieces. Each piece is washed by hand and finished by hand and most importantly, each piece is a one-off original.

Colour, pattern and texture are firm features of Sioni Rhys Handweavers’ textiles. Their traditional Carthenni (throws) are deeply rooted in the culture of Welsh textile techniques but always in the modern idiom. They adapt design aspects used by the old mills to produce beautiful Carthenni which have become heirlooms treasured by a new generation. Their range of throws inspired by the former Melin Gwenffrwd on the Llanofer Estate in Monmouthshire is an illustration of economy and design that is the hallmark of Welsh textiles.

Much influenced by the dramatic landscape colours of the hillside opposite their Black Mountain Studio they complement their interior pieces with a range of fashion accessories in luxury fibres, searching always for yarns to create fabric that is soft and a delight to the eye. Each piece is hand-woven using traditional looms and hand-finished with great care and affection.

Incredibly hard wearing, Carthenni are often handed down through the generations and our own started life with Alaric’s grandparents in Swansea. It is a good as the day it was made and I can assure you, it has seen some service!